JAC iEV7s 40 kWh - English Review in Detail

Battery electric vehicle JAC iEV7s with 40 kWh battery made by a Chinese car manufacturer JAC MOTORS came to the European market in mid 2019 and this video brings a full review of this well designed EV with decent build quality, dynamics, range and value for money among 2019 EVs.

Video content:
04:08 Cool factor
05:20 Fun factor
06:42 Eco factor
08:32 Dynamics of JAC iEV7s electric vehicle
10:22 Battery and charging
13:37 Consumption and range of BEV JAC iEV7s
17:07 Interior and practicality
18:54 Interior in detail
32:07 Child seats
33:07 Trunk
34:25 Placing a large baby stroller into the trunk
35:13 Look at the motor
35:57 Exterior
39:44 Price and service of JAC iEV7s
41:54 Conclusion