CO2 Offsets?

About nature-based solutions to climate crisis with Santiago Espinosa de los Monteros Harispuru. Recorded in a rain forest of Calakmul region in Mexico.
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0:00 Intro
0:25 Where are we, please?
1:14 Why humankind needs trees?
4:09 What actions can we do to prevent global warming?
6:52 What are the climate action steps the companies should take?
10:01 What could be the nature-based solutions to climate crisis and carbon capturing?
14:25 How much CO2 one hectare of forest absorbs during one year?
16:41 What types of carbon offsets exist on the carbon market?
20:01 How do you measure carbon actually captured by the forests?
21:49 After you do the base measurements in the forest, what % do you need to repeat every year?
24:23 Who are "Ejidos" are and how much Mexican rain forests they own?
26:22 You sign 30 year contracts with Ejidos to measure and sell carbon offsets?
30:32 When will the price of carbon be at the level to incentivise the land owners to grow new forests?
31:47 How do you see the prices of voluntary offsets per CO2 ton in 2021 to develop?
33:21 How much of rain forest is being lost every year in Mexico?
34:34 What other nature based solutions do you do in Mexico?
36:23 Apan valley – reforestation to improve water infiltration and prevent soil erosion
46:44 What other nature based solutions are there besides (re)forestation?
49:04 How can agriculture move from CO2 emitting to CO2 capturing agriculture?
51:16 What nature based solutions can be applied in other countries?
52:44 What a company serious about decreasing their CO2 footprint should do?

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